chronic down-in-the-dumps syndrome | [[MORE]]today i went to a vegan potluck at...

today i went to a vegan potluck at stephen’s house and i spent the past couple days making this pot pie for it and i almost didn’t go because i got really stressed about seeing people i don’t really know that well but i went anyway just hoping that i wouldn’t regret it and i actually didn’t at all.

i socialized with new people and i remembered most of their names and i actually had two plates of food, i tried a little of everything and i had my first donut in six years!!!

and you know what the best part is? i have no idea how many calories i had today. and i don’t care. and i had my first food coma in ages. it was glorious.

i think i deserve an award, js.

03/22/13 at 11:08pm
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